What is One

What can the One be?

There can be One pebble and One stone but maybe there can be many. Many that are black and many that are white or One black and One white. It can be large, it can be small and it can be One size. One food with One drink but possibly different food and drink. What if you knew of One place to go in One time. Not ever knowing if another place was there, or here. Can you have memory to last forever. Could it be One time that holds all the memories.

The twist and the turn may bring too many thoughts. So One can be this. Just think of One man with One woman. They can make One child that exists on One world with One religion, One people united to One belief that in One instance through One portal, everything that was and is will be One. Can all of that be?

What can One be? Now you can see, all of this can be, One.



Christmas is Over

The One time of year that the world over recognizes. Some know that this is the time they want to express. What is the One thing they want to express. Some want others to know they agree, or they don’t agree. Some want to love, some want to hate. Why is there One day to remember. Is there One day to remember? Some want to give. Others like to receive. There is One thing that almost all people all over the world agree. they agree that it’s Christmas. They agree that it was Christmas. they agree it will be Christmas?

It remains that there is only One that made it Christmas. And yet it can be only One that keeps Christmas. It’s time to know who Christmas is for. Get One of your own. Get One for Christmas. Is the One time, the One feeling, the One person, is the One ready. Christmas is over. Or is Christmas forever? Know the One. Feel the One. Get the One. Become the One.


Gluten Free

Have you ever asked yourself, “why did I buy it”? There are so many reasons why you did. All were good reasons. but now the thrill of the buy is gone and you may wonder what it was that you needed it for so badly.

Thinking back, you probably thought it would help you. When you heard about it was medicinal. It has been clinically shown to do all the things you were looking for. After all it has been clinically shown to do those things. Clinically shown in a clinic. Purported to relieve stress, helps you sleep, it could relax you. Of course it was doctor approved by so many out of so many doctors. They may have been medical doctors. But who asks?

Then you bought it because you thought it wouldn’t hurt you. It may be non allergenic, safe to use for people over a marked age, it may be safe to use for children over 2. It won’t hurt you because it’s gentle overnight relief. Side effects include this long list but most people don’t experience them and you probably won’t either.

You bought it because someone you perceive to be good at what they do was paid to tell you that they use it and you should too. The athlete, the doctor, the singer, the politician and the actor all take money to tell you to use or buy something. And you do it because you saw them before and thought they were swell. The emotional influence of entertainers got hold of you and it was entertaining. So you bought it because it made you feel good knowing that they use it to.

Then there is the lure of getting a bargain. It’s only this much. And if you do it now it’s even less money. and if you do it now for less money you’ll get even more of it. and if you do it now for less money and get more of it you can two of them for the same price. So get a bargain, do it now and get more of it and you can have two of them and the shipping will be free.

It was really good for you and wouldn’t hurt you. The entertainer said to get it because they used it and it was good for you and it was so much of bargain if you bought it now that you could hardly wait another moment to get your order in and have it sent to you for free.

But what was it? It doesn’t matter now what it was you had a lot of good reasons to get it. And you could think about it in Traffic or at your desk. You could talk about it to your friends and family and they would want to get it also. But what was it?

It was a feeling that caused you to buy it. It was only a feeling and you didn’t really know why. Now, think for a moment what’s the One thing that you really want. the One thing that will help you. The One thing that won’t hurt you. the One thing that won’t matter who else says is good because you know it’s good for you. And the One price is perfect because you decided it was the One. And no matter what you pay for One It will always be free in you mind and no One can ever take it from you. The One will always be yours. the One for you will always be there to access over and again. the One feeling to have and remember always. One to share if you want and to keep if you prefer.

Sometimes, something really is good for you and won’t hurt you and people who use it really do believe it’s the best. Sometimes there is a bargain waiting to be obtained not always because of what you get, but instead, because of what isn’t there. Sometimes having nothing can give you everything. Decide now what the One is for you and finally get One that you decide to. You will be free to tell others that you have One. And when you tell others you have One that you decided to get, then you may truly feel what it is to be free.

Christmas is Over