When can an illusion be when One is thinking. Dreaming is illusion if you think of One. Think of a delusion and One can be an illusion. How can One be real in the thought of a dream if One is a delusion and then becomes an illusion. Why does it become an illusion, Only when One can see the true delusion can One become an illusion from a dream. so Think of One then think of a dream of One, then dream of a delusion, that One will become an illusion. You see.

So you see One. Is it a dream, is it a delusion or is it an illusion? One would have to think because the thought can be One of yours or One of them. A thought of them can be a delusion. But One delusion can bring more thought of One or many and maybe an illusion of One. If you have an illusion you will think. take that thought to think of One. If you have One thought, keep it. It will become One.

After you have One, and you keep it, you won’t have to get One more. One is all you need. Just let go of the rest. Let go of the dream. You won’t need it. If you see a delusion or an illusion you will always know that the One is with you. Then you can make that One into any thought and that thought can be an Illusion for the One that is you.

Only One

One and One

One and One. What is One and who has One? Who is One? When One starts life, was it already One? Or did it become One? Do I want another One? If I have One do I need another ?Does One want One? Sometimes One must imagine but sometimes imagining brings One. There was all that there was. There is all that there is.and there will be all that will be. Yet it all was so that it could begin. And it is so then it will be. And end. But in the end it will be as it was, One. If there is One then it can begin.

In some time, at some place, with some thought there was and will be the beginning and the end of the most tragically wonderful beyond imagination within only your grasp, the awareness that waits, as it always has with endless anticipation and forever stillness, One. But with that One is yet another. And so it will be for you to find your One. You already have. It is for you to know in your thought and your place and your time the One you seek you have found. Another is there but is it real? Is it imagined? Does it want to be with your One. Can it exist to know your One? Can your One know it? Is it One.

Can another be One? If there is another One can you see it? can you smell it? Can you taste It? can you hear it? Will you know it? Will it end? One can join One. It will be but can not be also. Or it will not be One. Can not be your One. If it can not be your One it can only be another One. Tragically, another One you will want and it can be there. But can not be also with One. You will Wonderfully know of another that wants One. For One to find another is unimaginably glorious. But in time each One will end. Before the end each One will know another. it is for the One to want to know. For wanting is the beginning. For one to find another is the what there is. The journey to find is in the imagination and the want must be in the One.

Will you Find One that finds you? Search. Search all around. You can find your One. And your One can find another. The wonder is can your One and another be? At the same time in the same place. Each knowing another. Each One only One. Can all things be One? Can One be all things? Only in the search to know will your One reveal to another that will be One revealed to you. Instantly can the time be forever lasting so small in a place that is endless, forever gone in the everlasting. It is for you to want. And you shall have your One to have another to have your One.

One and One. What is One and who has One? Who is One? When One starts life, was it already One? Or did it become One? Do I want another One? If I have One do I need another? Does One want One? Search from the beginning to never arrive at the end. You may find in your journey all the wants. When you have One you may want another. But in the end you will know that One and One will always be. One.

What is One


Every One wants One

When it’s time for One
One is the time.

However many there are
There’s always One

If you ask for One
One will find you.

Is it after One?
Or is One After?

Bring One along
And along comes One.

If you know One
One will know.

Let One come in
One will be incoming.

With One life to live
One will live last.

To die with One
Is the One to die for.

Remember the One
And One will remember

Every One wants
One to want.

One and One

Christmas is Over

The One time of year that the world over recognizes. Some know that this is the time they want to express. What is the One thing they want to express. Some want others to know they agree, or they don’t agree. Some want to love, some want to hate. Why is there One day to remember. Is there One day to remember? Some want to give. Others like to receive. There is One thing that almost all people all over the world agree. they agree that it’s Christmas. They agree that it was Christmas. they agree it will be Christmas?

It remains that there is only One that made it Christmas. And yet it can be only One that keeps Christmas. It’s time to know who Christmas is for. Get One of your own. Get One for Christmas. Is the One time, the One feeling, the One person, is the One ready. Christmas is over. Or is Christmas forever? Know the One. Feel the One. Get the One. Become the One.



Imagine, as we pass through this life getting ready for the after, imagine, the most wonderful romance. One that can only be dreamed of in fairy tales. One that can only exist in the far corners of your mind. Imagine, impeccable health in your body and your mind and flawless beauty. Beauty that can only come from the inside to shine out. all the best most flavor full foods, ready and prepared, waiting for you to enjoy. Imagine, the perfect climate at the perfect location with the most wonderful people, laughing and happy, just loving life and loving having you around. Imagine, One time, having all the world and everything in it. Imagine you can have all that you ever imagined possible. Now imagine the One time you had all of it, was before you died.

Gluten Free