What is One

What can the One be?

There can be One pebble and One stone but maybe there can be many. Many that are black and many that are white or One black and One white. It can be large, it can be small and it can be One size. One food with One drink but possibly different food and drink. What if you knew of One place to go in One time. Not ever knowing if another place was there, or here. Can you have memory to last forever. Could it be One time that holds all the memories.

The twist and the turn may bring too many thoughts. So One can be this. Just think of One man with One woman. They can make One child that exists on One world with One religion, One people united to One belief that in One instance through One portal, everything that was and is will be One. Can all of that be?

What can One be? Now you can see, all of this can be, One.



Christmas is Over

The One time of year that the world over recognizes. Some know that this is the time they want to express. What is the One thing they want to express. Some want others to know they agree, or they don’t agree. Some want to love, some want to hate. Why is there One day to remember. Is there One day to remember? Some want to give. Others like to receive. There is One thing that almost all people all over the world agree. they agree that it’s Christmas. They agree that it was Christmas. they agree it will be Christmas?

It remains that there is only One that made it Christmas. And yet it can be only One that keeps Christmas. It’s time to know who Christmas is for. Get One of your own. Get One for Christmas. Is the One time, the One feeling, the One person, is the One ready. Christmas is over. Or is Christmas forever? Know the One. Feel the One. Get the One. Become the One.


Gluten Free

Have you ever asked yourself, “why did I buy it”? There are so many reasons why you did. All were good reasons. but now the thrill of the buy is gone and you may wonder what it was that you needed it for so badly.

Thinking back, you probably thought it would help you. When you heard about it was medicinal. It has been clinically shown to do all the things you were looking for. After all it has been clinically shown to do those things. Clinically shown in a clinic. Purported to relieve stress, helps you sleep, it could relax you. Of course it was doctor approved by so many out of so many doctors. They may have been medical doctors. But who asks?

Then you bought it because you thought it wouldn’t hurt you. It may be non allergenic, safe to use for people over a marked age, it may be safe to use for children over 2. It won’t hurt you because it’s gentle overnight relief. Side effects include this long list but most people don’t experience them and you probably won’t either.

You bought it because someone you perceive to be good at what they do was paid to tell you that they use it and you should too. The athlete, the doctor, the singer, the politician and the actor all take money to tell you to use or buy something. And you do it because you saw them before and thought they were swell. The emotional influence of entertainers got hold of you and it was entertaining. So you bought it because it made you feel good knowing that they use it to.

Then there is the lure of getting a bargain. It’s only this much. And if you do it now it’s even less money. and if you do it now for less money you’ll get even more of it. and if you do it now for less money and get more of it you can two of them for the same price. So get a bargain, do it now and get more of it and you can have two of them and the shipping will be free.

It was really good for you and wouldn’t hurt you. The entertainer said to get it because they used it and it was good for you and it was so much of bargain if you bought it now that you could hardly wait another moment to get your order in and have it sent to you for free.

But what was it? It doesn’t matter now what it was you had a lot of good reasons to get it. And you could think about it in Traffic or at your desk. You could talk about it to your friends and family and they would want to get it also. But what was it?

It was a feeling that caused you to buy it. It was only a feeling and you didn’t really know why. Now, think for a moment what’s the One thing that you really want. the One thing that will help you. The One thing that won’t hurt you. the One thing that won’t matter who else says is good because you know it’s good for you. And the One price is perfect because you decided it was the One. And no matter what you pay for One It will always be free in you mind and no One can ever take it from you. The One will always be yours. the One for you will always be there to access over and again. the One feeling to have and remember always. One to share if you want and to keep if you prefer.

Sometimes, something really is good for you and won’t hurt you and people who use it really do believe it’s the best. Sometimes there is a bargain waiting to be obtained not always because of what you get, but instead, because of what isn’t there. Sometimes having nothing can give you everything. Decide now what the One is for you and finally get One that you decide to. You will be free to tell others that you have One. And when you tell others you have One that you decided to get, then you may truly feel what it is to be free.

Christmas is Over


The sun just started rising. Someone, some where is watching and sees all the colors that emanate through space and across time. The oranges and yellows, the whites and blues and purples and reds. The majestic beauty that brings forth light and life. Trees and flowers and foliage of all kinds begin to soak up the life-giving rays. Animals, birds and fish set their triggers to start the daily routine of searching for food for themselves or their offspring. Some of them use the time to wind down their nocturnal hunt and ritual and look for a kind place to rest. All of the glory of the universe peaks its eyes above the horizon for the knowing to see.

Some where there’s an animal or a bird or a fish that doesn’t see the sun rising. they may be waiting in a desert as the sun over head is scorching the sands. waiting for the terrible heat to fade into sunset. The tiny rabbit or bird nestled in its den or nest hoping to survive the predators lurking in the night in search of their life-giving food, as they wait for the inherent safety of the sun rise. Deep in the ocean where the sun’s rays are unable to penetrate is a crab or a squid feeling its way along, oblivious to the sun coming up to see the Earth. To them, all the colors that generate from that marvelous time of beginning are somewhere else but not here. Their life doesn’t revolve around the life-giving rays. So it’s not that important to them that those rays weren’t here a few minutes ago. those rays were generated earlier and what is now, wasn’t before. instead they might rely on some thing else from the sun. that incredible warmth that keeps our domain from becoming sub-zero, the heat that comes with the light is oh so important to them as it prevents the waters from freezing and trapping them is a solid block of ice.

And then there’s you. You are the One. You’re the One that can see the Sun rise. If you are awake and look to the East and can see the Horizon at daybreak, you can see the Sun rise. it’s for you to decide. But if you’re enclosed in a structure or not awake or just aren’t looking to the East or it isn’t daybreak. Does the Sun still rise?

So many things that are, also are not. think of a time you see a rose that someone gave you that was growing in a beautiful rose garden not long ago. The rose was beautiful growing in the sunlight. Now, as it’s dying, it brings joy or love or friendship with it as it’s passed from one person to another. Was it the rose that felt the Love or harbored the friendship or joy? Or was that created by you. Was the One that desired also the One that was the reality?

Imagine the incredible feeling at childbirth. The softest of mothers are able to experience sometimes incredible pain. The hardest of men are unable to stop from weeping at the instant they see the new life of a child presented to the world for the first time. All the feelings and sights and sounds that are there and everyone’s experience is different. The One that is most important to you at the instant a memory is created is yours. Now try to imagine that you, as you once were, are the child being born. What was the One thing you desired at that moment?

What is reality? There are cars and trucks, school and work, traffic and a hiking trail, a new TV and good meal, a woman and a man. All the pleasures of the material world are reality. All the pains of the material world are also reality. They are real to those that make them real. Think of the One thing you enjoy most. Then, think of why you enjoy it. Is it a feeling of joy, of sharing, of giving, of taking, of fulfillment, of compassion, of love. Did you make the experience real with the love you put into it? Are you the only One that the love made the reality for? And does your reality exist only for you. Others may be similar but only One is yours.

Think of hunger, pain, torment, pestilence and all the hardships that exist for us on this Earth. Think of the hate and disagreement between us and the wars they create. Is all of that our reality or is our reality what creates all of that? So we think and therefore believe and then exist in the realities of our desires.

As you watch the sun setting and the light begin to fade does the red rose turn to grey? or is it still red as it was? it is as you believe it is. As you drift into the realm of dreams does the childbirth that so moves the hearts of mankind cease to exist? Is your One desire that has been with you since that day tear thru the fabric of existence for you to feel as it winds through. It is the One thing that was is and will always be.And as we wait for the new sunrise, the new dawn to arrive, it never will. For as we move along the face of the Earth and the Earth travels through the expanse. And as the earth turns toward the Sun that never rises but remains in place for us to come to it as we ride the iron cored World to reveal its magnificence. And the reality that we knew never was.

The reality that is the One is the only thing that is truly real. The One desire that holds to your thoughts and dreams remains for you. The World and the realities from before will try to keep you from your One but remember the One, your One. Think of your One, dream of your One, remember you One. And get The One. That is the reality you will always know. For all the animals, birds and fish and almost all of the rest of the inhabitants of the Earth, all of the Reality that is, just was. And the Sun will set.

The One Truth

Material World

We are all born into this world. We age what we perceive as over time. While we exist through this realm there is no complete mortal escape. You can’t escape the material world that we live in. The more we have the more we need. The more we need or want the less it seams we are content. Or so we believe or so you are told. Really it’s the more you have then the more you want and believe that you need. Marketing helps this along quite nicely. There’s always that One more thing that will bring happiness. Once we get that next thing the euphoria ends and we feel that there’s One more we must have..

There is One way to be here and feel the freedom. What if the One thing you desire isn’t material. what if you could escape the material prison that’s been built to keep your mind attached to it. Let it go just once and gain control over the material. Break free of the bonds of money that tie us to our existence. The One that you desire is here and now. If you trust then you have to trust some one. So let trust go.
You won’t need it. All you will need is is to decide that you want the One thing that only you know will give you happiness. If you have faith in some one then you will be putting your trust that the One thing will be given to you. If you decide to get One You will be able to. You won’t need to have faith when you think of the One thing that you can obtain in your own mind.

Forget all of the material attachments buy one now for no other reason than it is what you want. Don’t trust because you would have to trust someone. Don’t have faith in something. Believe only that the One is what you desire and you will succeed in getting it. All you have to do is decide and it can be yours. Free of everything. The only way to obtain One is to free your mind of the material value that we would put on anything that must be purchased.

Almost all that you purchase and acquire has a value. But that value is there because you put it there. What is the value of one thing you desire most. Purchase it now and hold nothing and no one accountable for it but your desire. and you will be free of the material world. You”ll be free of your attachment to wealth and money. What you”ll receive is only the thought that you went for your One desire and your One hope and you alone know what that is. Have no regrets. Live it through your actions in your mind and it will be wonderful.

We perceive the material world as moving through time. When really we are here for only an instant, a blink of the eye in the universe. When you have the One time no longer maters for that instant. It’s the One way you can escape and be free of the material while you still exist in it. For soon enough you will escape it Your mind will leave this existence and pass some where else. For in an instant we will all die.


The One Continues

You want to know who can get One? If you can imagine, do you already know? If you want One just ask yourself if it’s One that you want. Are you here and ready in your thoughts and with your dreams? Or are you there, where you were before, in wonder of the endless universe. Do you believe, with that feeling so deep that it hurts, that it shows, that you can say it, that you can be the One that can get the One. Can you say it to others that you have the One, your One. One that you experienced with the knowledge from your desire to achieve owning Your One. Then you are the One that should have One, that can have One, that no other can stop you from having The One.

Where is it? Where is this One that you desire? Start small in the beginning, start large when you feel it. Get a light One get a dark One get One that is all or get One that is nothing for others to know. Bring One with you to shore and show or leave One where you are to feel and enjoy. Get One to give to another that they may feel yours and maybe want to get there own. and One to keep. Whichever One you want this is where you are able to get One. It’s only here at this time that you can get the real One. The One that you need to fulfill your desire. The One that you dreamed of. The One you want to give and the One you want to keep.

We all live in this material world at least sometime. You may know that you can or may want to know if you can afford One. Think, remember for a moment, of the hope you have of achieving or the dreams you have of One thing through out your life. The One thing that is always touching your desire. Remember all your desires for the One relationship you had or want to have or One item that appears to be real or one place or time to be at one place or to be at a time that an item was or is to be. Then ask yourself if the One is something you can afford to not have at some point or time in your life. Well that point in time that can pass like a blink is now. Get the One now and a blink can last forever.

History may repeat but time never will. Don’t say you’re sorry for what you said, what you did, or who you are. It only happens One time. Don’t be afraid of what was. You aren’t who you were. You aren’t who you’re going to be. What will be in the future, just was. You are as you are. You are the One you are now. The One that you want can be with you as you are now and as you will be. Embrace it have no regrets. Have memories and have desires and have the One.

Money is the One thing in the life of every One that controls them. Money is the design of the material. Money controls everything of the material and somethings that are not of the material. An imaginary desire is to have some, lots or enough or too much money. Release yourself from that control One time. To take the value from money is giving up the control that Money has on you. The One thing that can truly bring you happiness is what will make the One for you the most valuable thing you could ever have.

The value of the One is inside only you. The amount you give for your One cannot be measured against what some One else may give for their One. Only they know the value of their one as only you know the value of yours. The control will be with you now. A lot, a little, none or random is what you feel. When the value shifts from the amount to the One then you are free of the material for that instant. What ever you give for your One is the correct amount. The value comes to you after you have One. All you will receive after your purchase is the feeling that you finally have the One thing you ‘ve always wanted in your mind and thoughts. You have the memory that you achieved the One and it can’t be taken from you. And you succeeded in defeating the One thing that can control you.

It’s time. Do it now or do it later. When you purchase One it will be locked in your head as your thoughts and can’t be returned. there can be no refunds or returns of the money or the value you give to your One. Don’t be afraid, say it. Let some One know you have One and they can have One of their own. You can tell them what your One is only if it is your desire. Tell them where to get One for themselves and you’ll have the opportunity to know your Truth that the Universe has to offer you.

Material World

The One Begins

The universe, an endless expanse of space. But what is endless. Must we have a beginning to have an end? And if the universe began than must it have and end? But it is full of planets, stars, moons, asteroids and comets. It’s also full of dark matter, light and dark, and a plethora of unknown phenomena. Unknown only because we can accept that we don’t know it all. We accept this because we are constantly learning new things that we thought we didn’t know before. In that space is all the things you can imagine. If we can imagine it is it really unknown or are we just re learning what we really already knew? So you want time, it’s there. You think of color, that’s there. There’s silence and sound waves resonating through any solid. There’s near and far, there’s old and new. There’s young and aged. All these are concepts of order that we imagined at one time and put in place to try to begin to understand the “Truth of the Universe.” Therefore all of your thoughts or are they dreams are held in the expanse. Yes they are there, for you to discover.

With everything you can imagine and everything you can dream of waiting, endlessly in time, and wanting just for you to take. All you have to do is to know that all you have to do is desire and it’s there for you. It’s all you ever needed was to connect your thoughts with the feeling of the One thing you desire. The One thing in all the unimaginable expanse of the Universe that’s just for you. No one else can have it if they don’t know what you know and feel what you feel when you feel it. When you get it you know it’s yours. It’s the One thing all yours. Only yours. All you had to do was want it. All you had to do was think of it out of the order to take it and it’s yours forever.

It is the One.

You want to know what the One is. Like the unknown you have always known. Now, you are ready to accept the knowing. It’s the one thing you want. It’s your desire. When you take the one that’s for you, you have the One. Not any One will be correct for everyone. You have to search your thoughts and dreams and get the one that you want. The one that you wanted and dreamed of. Your piece of the beginning, the end or the endless universe can only come from the One that you want. Every one can have their One, when they are ready and their time is in the order.

Now you desire the knowledge of how to get the One. This is the place. This place and at this time in your mind you can see it, you can feel it only if you desire it. This is where you get the One that’s yours. All you have to do is know that there is One for you and know that you can have the One. Look out and no one is there, nothing is there. Look in to and decide that you desire One and it’s yours. Once you have One you can get another One, the same One at another time, anytime you want One. You can have more than One, if you desire, or less than One, if you choose to, but once you have One you’ll always have the One. The One that you realized was yours and you decided to get. Nothing and no One can take it from you. You can be careful what you wish for. It will always be yours, it always was yours.

How long or how short will One last? One will last as long as you remember you have the One. It can last forever. You alone can erase the memories of time. If you lose One then you can always remember the One and Realize it was never lost. You can always decide to get a different One. The original One will always be there for you if you want that One.

Wonder is a question of your knowledge. You wonder why you would feel like you should get One. You can feel the One thing in your dreams the One thing you always desired. The One thing that you needed, all you ever wanted was the One. You can feel and here you know. Now is the time you can have the One thing that will fulfill that burning desire in you. Release that desire to get the One thing you need to fulfill thought of your dream, the One dream in the universe that only you know. That is only you.

You know when you are Hungry? You know when you are happy? You know when you are satisfied, unfulfilled, hurtful, loving? How will you know when you have the One? Every One can only get their piece of the One here. This is the place to do it. You hunger and you change it. You’re happy and you feel it. You are satisfied and you show it. Unfulfilled and you know it. It Burns inside when you hurt and when there is love you say it. Get One here and when you have it you can tell any One and everyone that this is where you got One. When you can tell them that you have One and you got One here and they can get One for them, then you know you have One of your own.

The One Continues