Only One

Only One, and only You.

For One Time there was One place.

In One place there is One event.

With One event came One Piece.

There is only One.

Never and Ever to be One more.

You are One.

You are only One.

Only One you.

And only One piece.

One is there.

One is forever.

But if only You.

Only one you.

Knows of the One Rescue.

One Rescue of One Piece.

Who is the One.

Who did the Rescue.

One other.

That can give One Piece.

To only You.

And no other.

Time without Time.

Beauty without wonder.

Created through ages.

A place with no other.

Entered in space.

Now One does exist.

With only You.

To Know where

To Know how

To Know why

To know who

To Know what

One Answer

One Time

Only One, for Only You.

Only One Time $2,000,000 Never and Ever for any Other Only You

What is One

What can the One be?

There can be One pebble and One stone but maybe there can be many. Many that are black and many that are white or One black and One white. It can be large, it can be small and it can be One size. One food with One drink but possibly different food and drink. What if you knew of One place to go in One time. Not ever knowing if another place was there, or here. Can you have memory to last forever. Could it be One time that holds all the memories.

The twist and the turn may bring too many thoughts. So One can be this. Just think of One man with One woman. They can make One child that exists on One world with One religion, One people united to One belief that in One instance through One portal, everything that was and is will be One. Can all of that be?

What can One be? Now you can see, all of this can be, One.