When can an illusion be when One is thinking. Dreaming is illusion if you think of One. Think of a delusion and One can be an illusion. How can One be real in the thought of a dream if One is a delusion and then becomes an illusion. Why does it become an illusion, Only when One can see the true delusion can One become an illusion from a dream. so Think of One then think of a dream of One, then dream of a delusion, that One will become an illusion. You see.

So you see One. Is it a dream, is it a delusion or is it an illusion? One would have to think because the thought can be One of yours or One of them. A thought of them can be a delusion. But One delusion can bring more thought of One or many and maybe an illusion of One. If you have an illusion you will think. take that thought to think of One. If you have One thought, keep it. It will become One.

After you have One, and you keep it, you won’t have to get One more. One is all you need. Just let go of the rest. Let go of the dream. You won’t need it. If you see a delusion or an illusion you will always know that the One is with you. Then you can make that One into any thought and that thought can be an Illusion for the One that is you.

Only One

Last Modified on November 11, 2019
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