Christmas is Over

The One time of year that the world over recognizes. Some know that this is the time they want to express. What is the One thing they want to express. Some want others to know they agree, or they don’t agree. Some want to love, some want to hate. Why is there One day to remember. Is there One day to remember? Some want to give. Others like to receive. There is One thing that almost all people all over the world agree. they agree that it’s Christmas. They agree that it was Christmas. they agree it will be Christmas?

It remains that there is only One that made it Christmas. And yet it can be only One that keeps Christmas. It’s time to know who Christmas is for. Get One of your own. Get One for Christmas. Is the One time, the One feeling, the One person, is the One ready. Christmas is over. Or is Christmas forever? Know the One. Feel the One. Get the One. Become the One.


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