Material World

We are all born into this world. We age what we perceive as over time. While we exist through this realm there is no complete mortal escape. You can’t escape the material world that we live in. The more we have the more we need. The more we need or want the less it seams we are content. Or so we believe or so you are told. Really it’s the more you have then the more you want and believe that you need. Marketing helps this along quite nicely. There’s always that One more thing that will bring happiness. Once we get that next thing the euphoria ends and we feel that there’s One more we must have..

There is One way to be here and feel the freedom. What if the One thing you desire isn’t material. what if you could escape the material prison that’s been built to keep your mind attached to it. Let it go just once and gain control over the material. Break free of the bonds of money that tie us to our existence. The One that you desire is here and now. If you trust then you have to trust some one. So let trust go.
You won’t need it. All you will need is is to decide that you want the One thing that only you know will give you happiness. If you have faith in some one then you will be putting your trust that the One thing will be given to you. If you decide to get One You will be able to. You won’t need to have faith when you think of the One thing that you can obtain in your own mind.

Forget all of the material attachments buy one now for no other reason than it is what you want. Don’t trust because you would have to trust someone. Don’t have faith in something. Believe only that the One is what you desire and you will succeed in getting it. All you have to do is decide and it can be yours. Free of everything. The only way to obtain One is to free your mind of the material value that we would put on anything that must be purchased.

Almost all that you purchase and acquire has a value. But that value is there because you put it there. What is the value of one thing you desire most. Purchase it now and hold nothing and no one accountable for it but your desire. and you will be free of the material world. You”ll be free of your attachment to wealth and money. What you”ll receive is only the thought that you went for your One desire and your One hope and you alone know what that is. Have no regrets. Live it through your actions in your mind and it will be wonderful.

We perceive the material world as moving through time. When really we are here for only an instant, a blink of the eye in the universe. When you have the One time no longer maters for that instant. It’s the One way you can escape and be free of the material while you still exist in it. For soon enough you will escape it Your mind will leave this existence and pass some where else. For in an instant we will all die.


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