The One Continues

You want to know who can get One? If you can imagine, do you already know? If you want One just ask yourself if it’s One that you want. Are you here and ready in your thoughts and with your dreams? Or are you there, where you were before, in wonder of the endless universe. Do you believe, with that feeling so deep that it hurts, that it shows, that you can say it, that you can be the One that can get the One. Can you say it to others that you have the One, your One. One that you experienced with the knowledge from your desire to achieve owning Your One. Then you are the One that should have One, that can have One, that no other can stop you from having The One.

Where is it? Where is this One that you desire? Start small in the beginning, start large when you feel it. Get a light One get a dark One get One that is all or get One that is nothing for others to know. Bring One with you to shore and show or leave One where you are to feel and enjoy. Get One to give to another that they may feel yours and maybe want to get there own. and One to keep. Whichever One you want this is where you are able to get One. It’s only here at this time that you can get the real One. The One that you need to fulfill your desire. The One that you dreamed of. The One you want to give and the One you want to keep.

We all live in this material world at least sometime. You may know that you can or may want to know if you can afford One. Think, remember for a moment, of the hope you have of achieving or the dreams you have of One thing through out your life. The One thing that is always touching your desire. Remember all your desires for the One relationship you had or want to have or One item that appears to be real or one place or time to be at one place or to be at a time that an item was or is to be. Then ask yourself if the One is something you can afford to not have at some point or time in your life. Well that point in time that can pass like a blink is now. Get the One now and a blink can last forever.

History may repeat but time never will. Don’t say you’re sorry for what you said, what you did, or who you are. It only happens One time. Don’t be afraid of what was. You aren’t who you were. You aren’t who you’re going to be. What will be in the future, just was. You are as you are. You are the One you are now. The One that you want can be with you as you are now and as you will be. Embrace it have no regrets. Have memories and have desires and have the One.

Money is the One thing in the life of every One that controls them. Money is the design of the material. Money controls everything of the material and somethings that are not of the material. An imaginary desire is to have some, lots or enough or too much money. Release yourself from that control One time. To take the value from money is giving up the control that Money has on you. The One thing that can truly bring you happiness is what will make the One for you the most valuable thing you could ever have.

The value of the One is inside only you. The amount you give for your One cannot be measured against what some One else may give for their One. Only they know the value of their one as only you know the value of yours. The control will be with you now. A lot, a little, none or random is what you feel. When the value shifts from the amount to the One then you are free of the material for that instant. What ever you give for your One is the correct amount. The value comes to you after you have One. All you will receive after your purchase is the feeling that you finally have the One thing you ‘ve always wanted in your mind and thoughts. You have the memory that you achieved the One and it can’t be taken from you. And you succeeded in defeating the One thing that can control you.

It’s time. Do it now or do it later. When you purchase One it will be locked in your head as your thoughts and can’t be returned. there can be no refunds or returns of the money or the value you give to your One. Don’t be afraid, say it. Let some One know you have One and they can have One of their own. You can tell them what your One is only if it is your desire. Tell them where to get One for themselves and you’ll have the opportunity to know your Truth that the Universe has to offer you.

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