The One Begins

The universe, an endless expanse of space. But what is endless. Must we have a beginning to have an end? And if the universe began than must it have and end? But it is full of planets, stars, moons, asteroids and comets. It’s also full of dark matter, light and dark, and a plethora of unknown phenomena. Unknown only because we can accept that we don’t know it all. We accept this because we are constantly learning new things that we thought we didn’t know before. In that space is all the things you can imagine. If we can imagine it is it really unknown or are we just re learning what we really already knew? So you want time, it’s there. You think of color, that’s there. There’s silence and sound waves resonating through any solid. There’s near and far, there’s old and new. There’s young and aged. All these are concepts of order that we imagined at one time and put in place to try to begin to understand the “Truth of the Universe.” Therefore all of your thoughts or are they dreams are held in the expanse. Yes they are there, for you to discover.

With everything you can imagine and everything you can dream of waiting, endlessly in time, and wanting just for you to take. All you have to do is to know that all you have to do is desire and it’s there for you. It’s all you ever needed was to connect your thoughts with the feeling of the One thing you desire. The One thing in all the unimaginable expanse of the Universe that’s just for you. No one else can have it if they don’t know what you know and feel what you feel when you feel it. When you get it you know it’s yours. It’s the One thing all yours. Only yours. All you had to do was want it. All you had to do was think of it out of the order to take it and it’s yours forever.

It is the One.

You want to know what the One is. Like the unknown you have always known. Now, you are ready to accept the knowing. It’s the one thing you want. It’s your desire. When you take the one that’s for you, you have the One. Not any One will be correct for everyone. You have to search your thoughts and dreams and get the one that you want. The one that you wanted and dreamed of. Your piece of the beginning, the end or the endless universe can only come from the One that you want. Every one can have their One, when they are ready and their time is in the order.

Now you desire the knowledge of how to get the One. This is the place. This place and at this time in your mind you can see it, you can feel it only if you desire it. This is where you get the One that’s yours. All you have to do is know that there is One for you and know that you can have the One. Look out and no one is there, nothing is there. Look in to and decide that you desire One and it’s yours. Once you have One you can get another One, the same One at another time, anytime you want One. You can have more than One, if you desire, or less than One, if you choose to, but once you have One you’ll always have the One. The One that you realized was yours and you decided to get. Nothing and no One can take it from you. You can be careful what you wish for. It will always be yours, it always was yours.

How long or how short will One last? One will last as long as you remember you have the One. It can last forever. You alone can erase the memories of time. If you lose One then you can always remember the One and Realize it was never lost. You can always decide to get a different One. The original One will always be there for you if you want that One.

Wonder is a question of your knowledge. You wonder why you would feel like you should get One. You can feel the One thing in your dreams the One thing you always desired. The One thing that you needed, all you ever wanted was the One. You can feel and here you know. Now is the time you can have the One thing that will fulfill that burning desire in you. Release that desire to get the One thing you need to fulfill thought of your dream, the One dream in the universe that only you know. That is only you.

You know when you are Hungry? You know when you are happy? You know when you are satisfied, unfulfilled, hurtful, loving? How will you know when you have the One? Every One can only get their piece of the One here. This is the place to do it. You hunger and you change it. You’re happy and you feel it. You are satisfied and you show it. Unfulfilled and you know it. It Burns inside when you hurt and when there is love you say it. Get One here and when you have it you can tell any One and everyone that this is where you got One. When you can tell them that you have One and you got One here and they can get One for them, then you know you have One of your own.

The One Continues

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